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Benthic Pelagic Solutions Ltd is a consultancy, services & supply firm specializing in underwater robotic vehicles, underwater intervention services, and aquatic environmental monitoring. BPSL was established in 2008 and since then has been providing effective efficient solutions, products & services to clients over a multiform remit of operations & sectors. BPSL has successfully provided services & solutions in various countries & regions all over the world primarily to the offshore oil & gas industry but also to the subsea telecoms and renewable energy sector.

BPSL Setting the Standards for Others to Follow

We have the world’s first professionally fitted out and fully equipped 4 person seating capacity totally self contained fully independent Road Mobile Underwater Robotic Vehicle Unit for onshore, inshore and coastal use. Find out more about our ROV system.


We have brought the offshore standard onshore!
Let Us Be Your Eyes In The Deep!

BPSL are proud to announce that we are the first and currently the only inshore ROV services provider who can supply our customers with a real time video feed of the ROV’s camera video image to any location in the world to any device whether it be an office desktop computer, IPad or mobile phone. Please see our ROV live video feed uplink by internet page for further details.

FilmingBPSL also provide specialist services in Marine Mammal Observation qualified to UK JNCC / DEFRA and the American BOEM BSEE Protected Species Observer (PSO) standards. BPSL have a proven track record in underwater filming of marine mammals and pelagic & terrestrial species in some of the most environmentally and ecologically sensitive regions in the world.

Cut WellheadAs a result of our experience in Marine & Terrestrial Wildlife we can provide you with professional and experienced Marine Mammal Observation services, for use during a wide range of offshore, inshore and onshore industrial and scientific operations. BPSL’s MD has operated in some of the harshest and most environmentally sensitive regions in the world. These have been as diverse as the Antarctic, Galapagos Hotspots, Shetlands and Dampier/ Barrow Island waters of North Western Australia to name only a few. As such through advice, consultation and observation, we can help you to minimize the impact your operations have on the environment whilst ensuring that they are in adherence to environmental protocol and regulations. Please click on environmental operations tab to find out more.

Through the use of its applied technology & expertise BPSL also serves the education sector and special education & therapeutic needs and humanitarian sectors. Please click on Corporate Social Responsibility page to find out more.

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Let us be your eyes in the deep.