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Benthic Pelagic Solutions is a consultancy, services & supply firm set up by Paul Obernay to provide effective efficient solutions, services & products to companies, markets and individuals over a multiform remit of operations & sectors.

Paul Obernay has successfully provided services & solutions in various countries & regions all over the world.

Underwater Filming Projects. Pictured here Paul filming for the Natural History film “ IL Faut Aller Voir” Highly experienced in performing operations in the most extreme and environmentally sensitive regions of the World. The Antarctic was just one of many. DTI / JNCC approved Marine Mammal Observer for Industrial Observations. Can also advise on Passive Acoustic Monitoring Services. Specialist Explosive Engineering, from complex technical & environmentally sensitive operations. To creating the Wow factor for all occasions. Specialist in ROV & Intervention Tooling operations for remote, shallow and deepwater applications. Providing effective solutions to challenging problems in difficult environments. In this case, severance & removal of decommissioned wellheads from the seabed to DTI satisfaction.